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21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, 2016.

It is that time again.

Time for the new year to begin, resolutions get set, and broken. Fitness and health become everything that we see on ads and in store. And, if you are a tech geek, it is time for us to see all things that we need to buy and wish we had, (thanks CES).

For our community, it is also a time that we set aside for prayer. For 21 days we put focus on the need for our community to be praying together. This isn't the type of thing that we think happens for 21 days and then we are good for the next 344 days (or 345 in the case of this leap year, but not the point). It is a time with heightened attention towards the necessity and power of prayer to hopefully establish rhythms, routines, and even more importantly a culture of prayer for our community. 

We also corporately enter into times of fasting, we want this to be a time where we are desperately seeking and asking the LORD to do all that he has promised.

So pray and fast with us. During this time our Sunday mornings will be centered around these themes and we hope you find it encouraging as well.

Here are the times that you can join us corporately.

Sundays: Prayer happens pre-service 9:25-10:10 inside the Avon.

Mondays: Alex and Rachel Mason's home in Southside, 6-8p.

Tuesday: At the Avon, 6-8a.

Wednesday: At the Avon, 6-8a.

Thursday: Christy Barton's home in the Highlands neighborhood, 6-8p.

Friday: At the Avon, 6-8a.

If you have any questions please email Kyle or Johnathon. 

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