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November Thanksgiving Elements

Every other month we have a gathering we call Elements. We gather together to pray and sing songs of worship, we commission members of the community, and find strength and encouragement in partaking in communion. 

Once a year though, we gather for Elements around a table in the style of a Thanksgiving Feast. We will still share in prayer and will partake in communion, it will still be the center of what we do, but in lieu of music we will have a meal. 

Invite those who are in need of some warm food, and those who have food but are in need of a meal. This is open to all who are interested.

We would love though for those in the community who want to be a part of this that you would RSVP online with who you will come with and what you can bring. There is a list so we can make sure that everything is covered and that we have plenty of food. 

Head to this link to do just that ....

We can't wait for what is becoming the biggest event we do each year!

Johnathon MillerComment