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21 Days of Prayer - Logistics (2015)

Our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting has started.

We hope that you guys join with us as we go through this time as a community seeking wisdom and guidance from the Lord on how to continue to bring healing and restoration to the brokenness we all deal with, as well as pressing into what new things and new hopes God has in store for us in this upcoming year. 

Remember, we will be gathering for prayer Mon-Fri, 6a-8a, at The Avon Theater. Instead of coming through the main doors one would usually come through on a Sunday morning, we will have the doors under the big neon Avon sign unlocked, and will be praying in that little area.

Feel free to come late, leave early, and to be present for as little or as long as you can. There are no real rules. Music will be playing and people will be reading and praying, maybe alone or possibly with one another. As the time wraps up for the morning, we will gather for 10-15 min each morning to pray as a group. But trust us, these are just generalities. These mornings are open to move as the Spirit directs and guides. So come ready to participate and to lead as He leads you. 

Be on the look out for blog post, prayer request, and other related things. Also for those in desperate need, fore warning, there wasn't coffee there this morning and may not be any tomorrow, but we are working on it. You will be made aware when it is available. 

Here is to looking forward to the next three weeks together.

Johnathon MillerComment