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No Corporate Gathering Sun. Dec 28th

Mosaic will not be having a corporate worship service at the Avon Theater on Sunday Dec. 28th.

But this doesn't mean church is cancelled. We want to give our staff and volunteers a break, but we also want to encourage all of you to have church where you are. Maybe you will be with family, and attend their gatherings - its great to worship with the family of God all over. Or, maybe you can lead a time of worship around the breakfast table. We hope to hear stories of people that had brunch parties, or all got together at a Restaurant. 

During this Christmas time, we will be gathering in lots of places and lots of ways so gather and be worshipful with intentionality. It doesn't take a preacher and band for a people to gather and worship the Lord around the table, around the sacraments, around Christ. 

So don't show up at the Avon! 

Johnathon MillerComment