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School Supply Drive

July is almost over, which means it is time to get back to school.

In years past, we have done a "backpack" drive, and we have loved it. Through our previous efforts, we have found a few unique ways to connect. The relationships built and the impact that is had seem to be a little greater when there is a more direct connection. 

So, this year we are taking a slightly different approach. We are going to be collecting items specifically for the classroom and donating them directly to teachers at Avondale Elementary and Tarrant Intermediate. 

In our own community, we currently have two people already in these schools - Mackenzie Eden at Avondale Elementary, and Katie Toler, who is starting her first year at Tarrant Intermediate. We will make sure these ladies have everything they need plus more. And though this drive is from now until the start of the school year, our relationship will continue grow, and we will continue to make sure these classrooms are fully stocked with supplies and snacks, as well as remembering to pray for and serve these classrooms every chance we get. 

Once we get enough supplies for each adopted classroom, we will continue to collect general classroom items that will then be donated to teachers at Avondale and Tarrant. 

It is important to the very core of who we are as a community and what we feel like the Lord has called us to, to love and care for the city around us. Making an impact through the school system is one of the best ways we can do this!

So here is a list of things you can be on the lookout for to donate to the cause:


Velcro (15ft x .75in)


Expo markers


Printer paper

Baby wipes (sensitive)

Hand sanitizer

Medical gloves (large)

Binders (1 1/2 in)


Sticky notes


Glue sticks

Disinfectant Wipes