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In Birmingham as it is in Heaven - from the highest office to the darkest street.


Our Fall Series

We are starting a new series this Sunday during our weekly corporate gathering.

Weekly we gather together to worship with one another and be reminded of the hope and joy and the resurrection. Each week it is so east to turn our hearts and our minds away from the Father. Why?

Because, we in a fallen world, our culture is constantly pointing us to ourselves to be our own saviors, or maybe to the newest latest trend, or worst yet we rely on good Christian practices.

Peter's message for the early church is a good word for us today.

They weren't much different. Constantly being pulled away from standing firm in the Hope of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Hope. That is Peter's message. Have hope, live hopefully, embody, hope. Hope in the Gospel. 

In a fallen world, in desperate need of a Savior, the call of the church is to extend hope. Our world needs hope. And we are, in that we point others to the ultimate hope. As we see and know the Love of Jesus, we are to stand as witness to the resurrection. This bears Hope in the Darkness.


Join us over the next Seven Sundays as we walk through 1 Peter, we begin this Sunday with talk from Doug Webster titled, "Outpost of Hope." 

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