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This Sunday. Baked Goods & School Supplies.

Wait. What?

Baked goods and school supplies? And isn't every Sunday gathering a community sunday?

Glad you asked.

This coming Sunday, Labor Day weekend, we will be having a special Sunday. The kiddos will be downstairs with us during the whole service, the intermission will run a little longer, and everyone can contribute. 

For Community Sunday (the artist formerly known as Family Sunday) we want to focus on things like community. Seriously our creativeness is through the roof when naming things. 

Thats how we focus a little extra on community during a gathering that is already supposed to be about community? By giving everyone a chance to hang out, and be friends, and participate. It is almost like we are trying again and again to say the Sunday gathering isn't just about showing up and sitting and leaving.

So this Sunday, with all the kids in the service with us, bring a friend, feel relaxed, and bring some baked goods to share and others will do the same and the intermission time will be pretty fun. 

Also, bring some school supplies and we will be donating them to the area downtown students. This is a chance for us to not just be community, but give to the community around us. Isn't that why we gather anyways? To go out. Isn't that why we focus on community? To be community to those around us.

So this Sunday, lets be a community. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Grace & Peace

Johnathon MillerComment