Mosaic Birmingham
In Birmingham as it is in Heaven - from the highest office to the darkest street.


Spring Semester Blueprint

We believe that in order for a community to thrive and be fruitful it is imperative that it be a community of many voices. Not just led by a few "professionals", but shaped and defined by the collective voice of a diverse background, culture, and experience. 

Blueprint is the place where this begins to happen. It is a class for three consecutive Sunday nights for those who are wanting to learn more about Mosaic, our history and story, our hopes and dreams, and what it looks like to be a part of what we think is God's chosen instrument for redemption in this broken world (the church).  We don't believe that happens just in Mosaic so we encourage all who are interested to be a part of this. 

If you have been one Sunday, or has been coming for years and are wondering what it means to be a part of community and give yourself to being known by love, then  we invite you. Even if it is not Mosaic, we hope that you will be so captivated by the saving mercy of Jesus Christ that you can't imagine anything else other than giving your whole life to living this out. 

Our class this semester will be at the Killough's house in South Crestwood. We will meet at 5p and light snacks will be provided. We hope yo be done each evening by 6:30p. Our next class will be this summer in June. 

Email to sign up! 

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