Mosaic Birmingham
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Sunday Social


Sunday 7/23. 10am.

We all know that church is supposed to be about community. Community and relationships happen quite well over conversations and food right?
We think so. 

So, this Sunday.
During our normal gathering time, we will be having a very special service.
We normally take a nice little break during the middle of our time together, and this week that break is going to last a little longer.

In our first half of Sunday, children will be upstairs (instead of during the second), and we will have a time of hymn singing and a sermon (so don't be late). 

As we wrap up and head into the intermission, we will have our time of prayer and giving, then we will take communion and share a meal together. A soup and salad bar will be provided for all who attend, while we will have the chance to listen to the beautiful sounds of the Clay States.
We will wrap things up with our normal benediction.

Invite your friends and your family and especially invite those who are in need of a meal and/or a few friends. Lets have this time be a chance for those who need to feel accepted and who need physical care to be welcomed into our community. 

And feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Grace & Peace