Our worship services begin at 10:15 a.m. The music reflects both our diversity and our passion. We believe that when Jesus is the center of worship, the Spirit of God is powerfully present in the midst of the worshipping community. Our intention is to focus on Jesus in all that we do;  Scripture, prayer, music, communion, and giving. We have come to worship; to encounter the Spirit of the living God. Interested in the songs we sing? Check out each weeks set list here.



Community is a priority at Mosaic. Each Sunday we pause for a few minutes to talk, share, pray, grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, and remind one another of how important relationships really are. We're certain that God has intended that we experience life together. We all have a story to tell, and yours is just as important as anyone else's. To be a part of the community at Mosaic, all you need to do is come.



God's Word is powerful. When preaching is anchored in the Scriptures, fueled by the Spirit, and aimed at making Jesus known, there are few things like it. Sermons at Mosaic will always emerge from the Bible and focus on Christ. With the aid of the Spirit, our hope is that these messages will equip us all to live in the fullness of the resurrection, and in the freedom that only the cross could provide. Many of our recent sermons are online here, as well as on iTunes


Prayer is an integral part to  any gathering of believers. Each Sunday, prayer is a part of what we do during the Worship Service. We also take time before service to gather to praye. At 9:30 am inside the Avon Theater, we gather to pray for our community, for our city, our country, and the world. We pray for one another, and for Holy Spirit to move. Join us for this 30mins of pre-service prayer each Sunday.

Mosaic Kids

Currently, our classes are divided into three groups: Nursery, Atrium (3-6yrs), and TwoFiftyTwo (7-12 yrs.).

In Nursery, our goal is simple—that your child will begin to learn and understand that God loves them. How do we do that? Through prayer and the care of committed volunteers. These early encounters let each child know they are valued and begin to build a foundation for a relationship with God.

In our Atrium setting we follow the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

And, in TwoFiftyTwo our kids get a custom lesson each week from one of our volunteers. 

Sunday, May 20th