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Question: What is the Importance of the Seraphim?

Question You explained the importance of the repetition of the Holy being said three times, what is the importance of the seraphim having six wings?


"Above him stood the seraphim. Each had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew."     Isaiah 6:2


These flaming creatures are no doubt a point of interest. Many of us want to know so badly exactly what they look like and what their purpose is. But, in this instance we are not given these immediate details. We know a little bit about Seraphim because of their appearance in a few other places in scripture - most notably Revelation 4.

In each of their appearances however, they show up for a reason. They represent power and majesty yet they themselves in their awesomeness pale to compare to the power and majesty of the Glory of God. They are the created, worshiping the creator. 

Their six wings may have little importance in terms of the number other than six represents imperfection in light of their created nature. What is important with these seraphim is that they are covering their feet and their eyes in worship. Though they are crying "Holy, Holy, Holy" for all of creation, they still cannot look fully upon the glory of God. And, they know as created beings before the Majesty of God they must cover themselves.

The hope is for us to see that we are no different.  

It is no small thing that we can come before God, our imperfection and smallness pales all the more. But thankfully we have the blood of Jesus to cover us, and it is by the Spirit of God who has been sent to us that we can boldly go before the throne of God. 


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