Mosaic Birmingham
In Birmingham as it is in Heaven - from the highest office to the darkest street.
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Gathering together is an important part of the life and rhythm of Mosaic.

Every Sunday we gather to worship and come to the table together. And then we scatter. Gathering finds purpose in the scattering. But, in the midst of the week, and the hustle and bustle of life, it is good to gather again with your faith family. This is small group. A time to to connect, to rest, to center, on a small and more intimate level.

We Hope that if you want to become more of a part of our community that you would make being a part of a microcosm of the church a priority. These are the groups that we have available for you to join.

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This is a community group that meets on Tuesday nights over food, prayer, conversation, and the word at Kyle and April Killough'shome. They meet at 6:30p. Contact Kyle,, for more information.



Roots is a microcosm of our community. It is a forum for open discussion around the library of scripture and how it impacts our lives. They meet to commune with one another around prayer and the word. They gather at 7:00p on Wednesday nights in West Homewood. Email for more information.


Dinner at the Simm's

Bring your own food (BYOF). Is a group that meets once a week at the Simm's home. It is open to anyone looking for an easy and simple way to connect to community. They open up their house at 6:30p on Thursday nights in the Edgewood neighborhood of Homewood. Bring your own food, or better yet bring food to eat and to share. Can't bring something? That's okay, you are still welcome. An appetizer or two and drinks provided. Email for more info. 

Mosaic OTM

This connect group is led by Annie and Stephen DeVries. They gather for food, discussion, prayer, and fellowship. Open to any and all, childcare is provided. They meet on the Thursday nights at 6:00p at the DeVries' house in West Homewood. Email for more info. 



This is a group for all of our college ladies. They meet weekly on Monday nights at 7:00p in various homes of those a part of the group, email for more details, or to just connect.

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Sons is a small group for guys. Every gathering they spend time in prayer and fellowship - learning to be the men that God has called them to be. They meet every Monday night at the Duvall's home. Email to get connected. 



Mosaic Women's

The women of mosaic gather together monthly, this happens  various ways, times, and places. To stay connected in between their times with one another they connect weekly though prayer and fasting via email. To connect with the women's ministry email