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The Burdens of the Heart

We are in our third week of prayer and fasting.

One of the most interesting things about our time in the mornings as a community has been to see and hear what people are coming in and wanting to pray for. Many come with all sorts of things on their hearts and minds. It may be a sickness in the family, or a friend. We have prayed for families that are surviving the aftershock of losing a father. Many are overcome by trying to help others in need and encountering real brokenness.  It is a heavy thing bearing these burdens - yet is has been amazing to see the LORD give strength. 

Many times we are praying for someone specific, and it will spark an entire 30mins of praying for families, praying for marriages, fathers, mothers, even praying for depression and loneliness in the world around us, and in our own lives. This is what can make prayer so great, not that we are praying to get something out of it, but we pray and bring before the LORD our hearts desires and always He receives, and if we let him he one ups us by placing on us his desires. And, as Jesus promises his burden is easy and his yoke is light. 

Don't forget that it is still a burden and a yoke. Loving people well, encountering difficulty and brokenness does and should move us to tears, and there has been more than a few tears shed in our time of prayer. But, when our prayers and sorrows are in line with the heart of the Father of Light we know that darkness will not prevail, and that we shall overcome. 

As we finish up these last few days, lets continue to seek the LORD, allowing Jesus to be our intercessor, to take up our difficulties so that we might be fit to proclaim the hope of the resurrection to the lonely, the broken, the orphaned, the marginalized, and the outcast. 

Johnathon MillerComment