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In Birmingham as it is in Heaven - from the highest office to the darkest street.


21 Days of Prayer - Logistics

During the next 21 Days, Monday through Friday from 6am until 8am, we will be meeting together at the Avon Theater as a church to pray and to worship together.

Coffee is available for those of whom are in need of that sort of thing.

Typically, you can expect worship music playing in the background as many are spread out reading the word and praying.

We invite you to come whenever you can and leave whenever you need to - even if it is only for 15 minutes.

Walk in and join in on whats happening in the space.

If you feel led to pray for someone in the room, go for it.

If you feel led to share a scripture or word of encouragement, please don't hesitate. 

We may at times bring everyone together to pray for a certain thing that has been laid on someone's heart, but we still want the same freedom to exist. Jump in or head out. 

In all of this our hope is that we might understand the power and importance of turning our hearts and our time to listening to the Lord, to discovering what he has for us, to praising Jesus, and doing it all as a community united by the bond of Christ's redemption on our lives. 

Johnathon MillerComment